11Plus Courses

  • 11Plus Orientation to prospective learners and their parents [1 day course]
  • 11Plus preparation courses
  • 11plus mock examinations [Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced]
  • 11plus Gap course
  • 11plus Examination techniques [1 day course]


  1. 11Plus Orientation to prospective learners and their parents [1 day course]Info: In this interactive one day workshop, we aim to enhance the parents’ understanding of the course, methods and the required continuous home guide and support to the 11plus learners for better results.

    To book the place and/or for more information, please call or contact us.

  2. 11Plus preparation coursesThe 11plus prep courses are run in three level. Learners are assigned to relevant level after a pre-test result. Normally, every 11plus course consists of its key four subject’s areas [Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning], however, upon request the learner can sit in their subjects of choice as well if they require so.

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    – Beginner’s course

    – Intermediate course

    – Advanced course

  3. 11plus mock examinations [Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced]We run real examination simulated mock tests of various level as per the level of learner’s competence.  It is two hours long with 15 minutes break in between the tests where learners can refresh themselves being within the assigned premise. We serve our learners a 3o minute’s session for the review of their results and techniques’ explanations on the following day, for free of cost.
  4. 11plus Gap courseWe run gap courses to those learners who wants to focus on specific subjects where they are struggling on one-to-one or in small group sessions.

    Seats are limited, so book in advance not to get disappointed.

  5. 11plus Examination techniques [1 day course]This one day course is very inevitable where we aim to master our learners not to make any errors while deducting answers, transferring answers and understanding the key instructions of the process. Noteworthy to mention that the 11plus exam is one of the toughest exam which demands high levels of technical skills from a 11 years old.